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Family Matters - 4/14/24

FAMILYMATTERS - - April 14, 2024

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The wearing of face masks is optional.

Sunday Bible Classes for all ages at 9:15AM

Sunday Morning Worship at 10:00AM

Wednesday Bible Study at 6:30PM


Larry’s sermon title for today is “Let God Prevail Because God will Prevail”

(Isaiah 55:1-13)

According to some Hebrew scholars, the name “Israel” given to Jacob after he wrestled with God (Gen. 32:22-32), because he would not let go and prevailed to receive a blessing from God.  Jacob ‘prevailed’ because he would not give up and so desperately desired what God wanted to give to him.  At the time of his birth, Jacob, whose name meant “heel grabber” took hold of Esau who was born first (Gen. 25:26), but God had already foretold, “the older will serve the younger” (Gen. 25:23).  Latter we discover that Esau—the older sold his birthright to Jacob—the younger for a pot of stew (Gen. 25:29-34).  At the time when Isaac was to bestow the birthright, Rebekah and Jacob devised a deceitful plan to ensure that he, rather than Esau would receive the blessing from Isaac (Gen. 27).  When Jacab later encountered God, he wanted a blessing and wrestled with Him, and was allowed to ‘prevail’ (Gen. 32:28), and his name was changed from Jacob to Israel.  God’s Word always accomplishes the purpose for which it is given (Isa. 55:11) and God ‘prevails’ in our own lives as we allow Him and His Word to ‘prevail’ in the accomplishment of His purpose for our lives.  The price of the blessing for Jacob was that his hip was dislocated and he probably walked with a limp for the rest of his life as a reminder of the cost of what happened when he wrestled with God.  Israel as a nation, was not allowed to ‘prevail’ in their sin and disobedience in keeping their covenant with God.  May we surrender always, in every area of our lives to watch and to ‘let God prevail’ because His Word is true and the results are certain.   


In our Prayers

Harold White (kidney failure), Larry Pierson, Chris Cassidy, Jim Wood, Belinda Collier,

Pam & Lucas Wildman, Anna Kakoulides-Richards & Family, Marge Ullom, 

Tracy & Brenda Hood, Sandy Tomasik,  John Clark, Rita Mullohan, The Rossi Family, 

Kevin Chester, Hannah Griffin, Harvey Lutz, Gary Richards, Richard Maas, Jack David Jones, Dave Corp,  Ed & Beth Stevens, Mary Summit, Jason Rickard, Vern Martin, Barb McDowell, 

Marion Banks, Betty Wood, Eric Alfred, Margi Paukovich, Dave Wood, Stan Owen, Betty Browning, Alice Jean Stone, Mary Stottlemyer, Art Bangert 

The community of East Palestine.

 Rob & Beatriz Espinosa, 

All who are suffering in wars (Mideast and Russian/Ukraine).


Happy Birthday  & Anniversary!

Brandon Gleim (4/13), Fred Chester (4/15), Larry Siegle (4/16)

 Darian Gleim (4/18), Vic Rossi, Trudy Wood (4/27), Tom Kennedy (4/28)


Vital Signs: Week of April 7, 2024 Attendance (29/32) Offering $2032 (avg. over 14 weeks $1395)


Our 2nd Sunday covered dish luncheon is after worship service today. Please stay and enjoy good food and good fellowship!


Church Directory

 Our Church Directory has been updated. A revised  copy will be on the back table to proof-read. 

Please check your information and correct it if necessary, then circle it to us know that it has been reviewed. New copies will be printed soon.


Nic & Haley will have a Lads to Leaders wrap up today. Congratulations to all the participants and a big thank you to all who judged. A special thank you goes out  to Nic & Haley  Wildman  and Stephen Flask for all they do to make this a very special program for the kids.


2024 Northeast Ohio Area Churches of Christ

Friday Night Sing Schedule

Starting time is 7:00 PM


April 19 Lake Milton   16313 Milton Ave. Lake Milton

April 26 Ravenna 3897 Summit St. Ravenna


Women are meeting every Wednesday at Perkins on Elm Road at 10AM.


Building cleaning help is still needed for the months of June, July, Aug. & Sept.



Jared Cash, Ryan McCord, Scott McQuain, Allison Montgomery, Patrick Passewitz, Jason Pratscher, Abraham & Ruben Walley, Jorge Aros Buelna, James Mitchell, Dylan Wood, Olivia Wood.


If you have  news for the Family Matters please call Roseann  330 394-2188, or 330-240-4643  email: kbigmommak@aol.com

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