Family Matters - 11/26/23

FAMILYMATTERS - - November 26, 2023

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The wearing of face masks is optional.

Sunday Bible Classes for all ages at 9:15AM

Sunday Morning Worship 10:00AM

No Wednesday Bible Study at this time.


Beginning this Sunday, the theme for the series of Sermons through the end of 2023 will be:

 “Is Faith Fulfilled?  Forever From First to Last”


In this series, we will be addressing certain aspects of the relationship between “faith” and “the faith” and what it means in view of the fact that God has kept all of His promises, and fulfilled His Word.  

What is “faith” and how is it defined in Scripture?

Does this mean that having “faith” is no longer necessary if God’s promises are now realized?  

How is one’s personal “faith” a powerful expression of having trust in the authority and expression of God’s Word as a complete body of truth?

How is personal “faith” expressed in a victorious daily walk with the Lord?

Do the apostle Paul and James contradict each other in their understanding of the relationship between “faith” and “works”?

As we approach 2024, may each of us begin to see the glorious manifestation of “faith” as it relates to the most intimate areas of our lives, our families, our friendships, the community, and the world.

The basic text for the series will be Romans 1:16, 17 


All are invited to join us for  Sunday Bible Class. 

A great big thank you to Tracy Hood for sharing his DVD presentation by John Ortberg in Bible class for the past 6 weeks.


In our Prayers

Richard Maas fell and has a badly bruised shoulder.

 Baby Jack David Jones, Marge Ullom, Betty Pascute, Dave Corp,  Ed & Beth Stevens, Reggie Pagaling, Mary Summit, Richard Maas,  Jason Rickard, Vern Martin, Belinda Collier, 

 Liz Ramsey,  Walt Maycher, Landon Duncan, Shirley Kirnec, Brian Wood , Barb McDowell,  Marion Banks,  Betty Wood,  Eric Alfred, Brenda Hood Margi Paukovich,  Dave Wood, 

Stan Owen,  Betty Browning, Alice Jean Stone, Mary Stottlemyer,  Art Bangert 

The community of East Palestine. 

Rob & Beatriz Espinosa

All who are suffering in wars (Mideast and Russian/Ukraine).


Happy Birthday  & Anniversary!

Cadance Bennett (11/28), Jeannie Siverd,  Selah Wildman (11/30)


Vital Signs  Week of Nov. 19, 2023  Attendance  (33/54) Offering $1394,

 (avg. over 47 wks. $1243)


Dear Church Family, Thank you for the surprise tribute of last Sunday, the cake, the flowers, the beautiful crystal. the cards and monetary gifts and especially the words and prayers spoken by so many of you (publicly and privately).

We are very grateful to God for enriching our lives with such a warm & devoted church family. Our time in your company has proven to be a cascade of blessings for myself and Jeannie.

Truly, “we thank God in all our remembrance of you”.

Sincerely, Yours in Christ

Terry Siverd


Hannah Espinosa is currently studying abroad (in Madrid, Spain) as part of her collegiate schooling with Grove City College. In texting with Hannah, here are some updates on Hannah's Travels

Over the last couple of months Hannah has visited the following cities: London, Paris, Vienna, Tromso Norway, Tangier & Marrakesh Morocco - - and in Spain,  Avila, Segovia, Salamanca, Seville and Toledo. 

In the near future she hopes to travel to Barcelona, Prague, Rome & Florence and Germany.


Update to directory

Larry & Erlinda Siegle

1058 Perkins-Jones Rd NE Unit A-10

Warren, Ohio. 44483

808-364-0279 (Larry)

808-312-8963 (Linda)


Our next covered dish luncheon will be on Sunday,  Dec. 10th after worship. 


There is a new sign up sheet for 2024 Building Cleaning

on the bulletin board.


Women are meeting every Wednesday at Perkins on Elm Road at 10AM



Jared Cash, Ryan McCord, Scott McQuain, Allison Montgomery, Patrick Passewitz, Jason Pratscher,

Abraham & Ruben Walley, Jorge Aros Buelna, James Mitchell, Dylan Wood, Olivia Wood.


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